Back to the Roots of Tribal BellyDance

Tribal BellyDance Roots come from Middle East and North Africa.

What are these countries ? Their culture ? Their population ? Their traditions ?

How can we (re)connect Tribal BellyDance with its origins ?

Follow Rachel Brice and Moroccan Artists for this new Journey, combining BellyDance and Cultural Exploration.

Let’s go back to the roots to see the origins.

Let’s meet the original culture where everything seems to begin for Tribal BellyDance.  

The Program

- 20 hours dance classes (technique, choreography, yoga) with Rachel Brice

- 3 hours rhythmic culture with Ali Alaoui

- 3 hours meeting, playing music and dancing with the Gnawas of Marrakech

- 3 hours meeting, playing music and dancing with the Hourriyat of Akasa

- 3 hours meeting, playing music and dancing with the Ahwach of Haut-Atlas

- 1 Day Off to discover Essaouira and around

- 1 Hafla

The Schedule
The Day Off

A day off to discover Essaouira and around

Our team in Essaouira will propose 2 options for the day off.

***These propositions are not included in the package, they will be borne by the participants. Price details will be given the first day, during the welcome meeting***

  • Option 1 = Cultural tour of Essaouira and around

      - visit of cultural places and sightseeings in Essoauira's Medina

      - visit of an argan cooperative in the countryside, from the harvest to the oil argan manufacture

  • Option 2 = Sports activities at the ocean side 

      - horse ride

      - quad biking

      - surfing and windsurfing

medina essaouira_edited.jpg